Keely,Patricia J

Institution: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, USA

Top Collaborators: Eliceiri KW, Riching KM, Ponik SM, Gehler S, Curran CS, Wozniak MA, Conklin MW, Provenzano PP, Sullivan R, Inman DR, Baldassarre M, Trier SM, Lad Y, Leight JL, Weaver VM, Calderwood DA, Ada-nguema A, Parsons M, Schedin P, Heck JN

Research Interests: Breast, Extracellular Matrix, Cells, Tumor, Cell, Tissue, Collagen, Breast Cancer, Cancer, Carcinoma, Epithelial Cells, Regulation, Architecture, Cell Proliferation, Gene, Gene Expression, Gold, Actin, Behavior, Contract