Institution: The Royal Marsden National Health Service Foundation Trust and The Institute of Cancer Research, UK

Top Collaborators: Safavi K, Karlan BY, Lowe ES, Carmichael J, Kaye SB, Catane R, Lubinski J, Matulonis U, Ang JE, Gourley C, Amnon A, Bell-mcguinn KM, Chen LM, Friedlander M, Safra T, Vergote I, Wolf I, Wickens M, Zach L, Friedman E

Research Interests: Cancer, Breast, Breast Cancer, Cancers, Hormone, Ovarian Cancer, Bacteria, Control Group, Root Canals, Ribose, Calcium, Disease, Tumors, Allele, Amino Acid Substitutions, Association, Confidence Intervals, Diagnosis, Germ-line Mutations, Linkage Disequilibrium