Institution: The Royal Marsden National Health Service Foundation Trust and The Institute of Cancer Research, UK

Top Collaborators: Karlan BY, Safavi K, Safra T, Vergote I, Wolf I, Wickens M, Lowe ES, Carmichael J, Kaye SB, Catane R, Lubinski J, Matulonis U, Ang JE, Gourley C, Amnon A, Bell-mcguinn KM, Chen LM, Friedlander M, Paluch-shimon S, Freedman LS

Research Interests: Cancer, Breast, Breast Cancer, Cancers, Hormone, Ovarian Cancer, Bacteria, Control Group, Root Canals, Ribose, Calcium, Disease, Tumors, Allele, Amino Acid Substitutions, Association, Confidence Intervals, Diagnosis, Germ-line Mutations, Linkage Disequilibrium