Kar,Ajoy K

Institution: School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, N/A

Top Collaborators: Beecher SJ, Thomson RR, Brown G, Psaila ND, Chen F, Bookey HT, Rodenas A, Macdonald JR, Ren Y, Mccarthy JE, Benayas A, Jaque D, Pal BP, Tang DY, Berry PA, Sysoliatin A, Schepler KL, Dong N, Salganskii M, Macdonald J

Research Interests: Laser, Report, Power, Light, Pulses, Glass, Refractive Index, Writing, Knowledge, Gallium, Lanthanum, Efficiency, Ytterbium, Observation, A Fiber, Absorption, Noise, Paper, Electronic, Fluorescence