Kao,Rowland R

Institution: Veterinary and Life Sciences University of Glasgow, UK

Top Collaborators: Bessell PR, Boden LA, Nickbakhsh S, Matthews L, Reid SW, Haydon DT, Parkin TD, Yates J, Mellor D, Orton R, Fryer HR, Mallon T, Mccormick C, Orton RJ, Mcdowell S, Trewby H, Skuce RA, Dent JE, Innocent GT, Arnold ME

Research Interests: Risk, Disease, Infection, Bovine Tuberculosis, Tuberculosis, Industry, Outbreaks, Population, Cattle, Time, Measure, Prevalence, Avian Influenza, Disease Outbreaks, Future, Influenza, Poultry, Animal, Badger, Cost