Kaartinen,M T

Institution: Division of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, McGill University, 3640 University Street, Strathcona Building, Montreal, QC, Canada

Top Collaborators: Myneni VD, Al-jallad HF, Piercy-kotb SA, Forsprecher J, Nelea V, Nakano Y, Chabot N, Mulani A, Keillor JW, Mckee MD, Pedraza CE, Mousa A, Chicatun F, Nazhat SN, Cui C, Wang S, Wang Z, Hitomi K

Research Interests: Cell, Osteoblast, Fibronectin, Microscopy, Osteoblasts, Extracellular Matrix, Immunofluorescence, Immunofluorescence Microscopy, Bone, Cultures, Inhibition, Role, Cells, Collagen, Factor Xiiia, Atomic Force Microscopy, Cell Adhesion, Force Microscopy, Integrins, Western Blotting