Institution: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Department, International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology, Nairobi, Kenya

Top Collaborators: Heller M, Frey J, Fischer A, Muriuki C, Sacchini F, Naessens J, Bongcam-rudloff E, Awino E, Vilei EM, Hlinak A, Liljander A, Haider W, Kaspar H, Sterner-kock A, Fuxelius HH, Luciani M, De Villiers EP, Salini R, Huber CA, Scacchia M

Research Interests: Disease, Livestock, Mycoplasma, Mycoplasma Mycoides, Pleuropneumonia, Role, Animals, Cattle, Cell, Cells, Immunity, Infection, Knowledge, T Cells, Multilocus Sequence Typing, Arms, Fever, Injections, Lymphocytes, Measures