Johnston,Martin R

Institution: Human Protection and Performance Division, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Fishermans Bend, Melbourne, Australia

Top Collaborators: Tsao MS, Roberts H, Darling GE, Dennison GH, Leighl N, Sambrook MR, Keshavjee S, Roberts HC, Mathew S, Patsios DA, Liu J, Paul NS, Meisner D, Deperrot M, Kwong E, Teel W, Wu XY, Bayanati H, De Perrot M, Shepherd F

Research Interests: Perylene, Spectroscopy, Metastases, Treatment, Asbestos, Electron, Fluorescence, Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Methods, Transfer, Administration, Animals, AUC, Cancer, Chromatography, Concentration, Concentrations, Drug Delivery System, Gelatin, Injection