Jeon,Yeon S

Institution: the Catholic University of Korea, Korea

Top Collaborators: Jeong S, Lee DH, Cho SG, Kim YS, Nah SY, Lee JW, Lee JI, Bang BW, Jin YJ, Kim CH, Joo JD, Choi JW, In JH, Jung HS, Lee JA, Kim DW, Yeom JH, Shin EY, Hong JT, Choi YC

Research Interests: Patients, Treatment, Tomography, Stent, AMP, Cyclic AMP, Kinase, Lidocaine, Ligation, Neuropathic Pain, Pain, Proteins, Rats, Response Element, Spinal Nerve, Ability, Bile, Bile Duct, Choledocholithiasis, Cholelithiasis