Institution: Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine and., N/A

Top Collaborators: Hong DM, Kim HJ, Min JJ, Bahk JH, Jung CW, Choi EK, So K, Oh S, Chung Y, Lee H, Kim E, Lee EH, Chin JH, Choi DK, Sim JY, Choi IC, Lee JH, Lee HC, Jung YS, Ryu HG

Research Interests: Patients, Surgery, Catheter, Catheterization, Clavicle, Ecg, Electrocardiogram, Puncture, Brain, Cerebellum, Cerebral Palsy, Guinea Pig, Hypoxia, Neurological Disorders, Neurons, Palsy, Placental Insufficiency, Cardiac Surgery, 5-ht3 Receptor, Evaluation