Institution: School of Veterinary Medicine, Taiwan

Top Collaborators: Pang VF, Chia MY, Tsai YC, Lin CM, Hsiao SH, Chan HT, Do YY, Huang PL, Chang HW, Huang YL, Chang CY, Pan CH, Chen TH, Jong MH, Huang TS, Deng MC

Research Interests: Pigs, Virus, Viremia, Antibodies, Infection, Neutralizing Antibodies, Porcine Reproductive And Respiratory Syndrome, Porcine Reproductive And Respiratory Syndrome Virus, Prrsv, Syndrome, Classical Swine Fever, Classical Swine Fever Virus, Fever, Strain, Swine, Swine Fever, Swine Fever Virus, Blood, Cells, Glycoprotein