Javitch,Jonathan A

Institution: Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, USA

Top Collaborators: Weinstein H, Shi L, Quick M, Freyberg Z, Zhao Y, Urizar E, Yano H, Karam CS, Freyberg RJ, Karam DS, Yamamoto A, Mccabe BD, Mehler EL, Trifilieff P, Rives ML, Blanchard SC, Pizzo AB, Zhang Y, Nissen P, Kolster R

Research Interests: Dopamine, Neurotransmitter, Drugs, Antidepressants, Sodium, Symport, Symporters, Leucine, Attention, Membrane, Role, Therapeutic, Cocaine, Synapse, Proteins, G Protein, Detergent, Electron, Nature, Antipsychotic Drugs