Jamieson,Robyn V

Institution: The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Children's Medical Research Institute and Save Sight Institute, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Top Collaborators: Grigg JR, Storen R, Bardakjian TM, Wilson MJ, Watson G, Schneider A, Mackey DA, Tam PP, Zenker M, Flaherty M, Mihelec M, Ng WY, Pasutto F, Krowka R, Susman R, Chen Y, Donald J, Prokudin I, Simons C, Gole GA

Research Interests: Anophthalmia, Eye, Family, Microphthalmia, Mutations, Coloboma, Genes, Mutation, Patients, Gene, Report, Risk, Aids, Cell, Family Members, Phenotypes, Specificity, Bhlh Transcription Factors, Cornea, Mouse