Institution: Department of Cell Biology and Cell Pathology, Philipps-Universität Marburg, D-35033, Marburg, Germany

Top Collaborators: Greb C, Straube T, Delacour D, Schneider D, Astanina K, Shen S, Von Mach T, Hönig E, Koch A, Elli A, Delebinski CI, Elli AF, Hegele A, Elsässer HP, Zink S, Grosse L, Freikamp A, Varadarajulu S, Bänfer S, Trevino JM

Research Interests: Membrane, Epithelial Cells, Galectin, Galectin-3, Organelles, Mass Spectrometry, Plasma, Plasma Membrane, Spectrometry, Cancer, Patients, Role, Cell, Cells, Microscopy, Recycling, Architecture, Tyrosine, Carrying, Isomaltase