Jaar,Bernard G

Institution: San Francisco General Hospital and University of California, USA

Top Collaborators: Plantinga LC, Fink NE, Powe NR, Finkelstein FO, Alachkar N, Rabb H, Agrawal V, Howell E, Frisby XY, Rocco MV, Chen SC, Choi MJ, Qiu Y, Li S, Coresh J, Whaley-connell AT, Sozio SM, Mccullough PA, Parekh RS, Bomback AS

Research Interests: Patients, Risk, Kidney, Dialysis, Disease, Patient, Esrd, Acute Kidney Injury, Injury, Hemodialysis, Mortality, Peritoneal Dialysis, Costs, Erythropoietin, Gold, Screening, Kidney Disease, Cohort Study, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Procedures