Iyer,Sunil S

Institution: Department of Medical Affairs and Clinical Research, India

Top Collaborators: Weiss AA, Kulkarni AA, Shenoy S, Yosief HO, Saha N, Moehrle JJ, Zutshi A, Sharma P, Kaur P, Yang Y, He Y, Li X, Fuller C, Dinh H, Korman H, Paulson WD, Kipshidze N, Kipiani K, Beridze N, Devita MV

Research Interests: Glycans, Glycolipids, Influenza, Influenza Virus, Lead, Ligands, Therapeutics, Virus, Gold, Inhibition, Magnetic, Biological Processes, Cell, Cells, Communication, Glycoproteins, Shiga Toxin, Understanding, Binding Site, Cell Line