Isselbacher,Eric M

Institution: University of Michigan, N/A

Top Collaborators: Eagle KA, , Nienaber CA, Froehlich JB, Januzzi JL, Harris KM, Pyeritz RE, Montgomery DG, Cooper JV, Oh JK, Ramanath VS, Suzuki T, Tsai TT, Braverman AC, Booher AM, Fattori R, Pape L, Trimarchi S, Booher A, Peterson M

Research Interests: Dissection, Patients, Mortality, Registry, Calcium, Aorta, Aortas, Aortic Valve, Ascending Aorta, Bicuspid, Cause Of Death, Death, Disease, Documentation, Incidence, Marfan Syndrome, Men, Risk, Syndrome, Thoracic Aorta