Isenberg,Jeff S

Institution: Vascular Medicine Institute of University of Pittsburgh, USA

Top Collaborators: Roberts DD, Yao M, Rogers NM, Bauer PM, Thomson AW, Bauer EM, Novelli EM, Miller TW, Bandle RW, Zhang Y, Csanyi G, Hildesheim ME, Pagano PJ, Nouraie M, Barge S, Schnermann J, Meyer MP, Hassett AC, Gordeuk VR, Gladwin MT

Research Interests: Thrombospondin, Mice, Nitric Oxide, Blood, Injury, Muscle, Muscle Cells, Smooth Muscle, Smooth Muscle Cells, Vascular Smooth Muscle, Cells, Inhibition, Regulation, Survival, Disease, Cell, Hypoxia, Ischemia, Ischemia-reperfusion Injury, Knockout Mice