Irvin,Charles G

Institution: University of Vermont College of Medicine, USA

Top Collaborators: Bates JH, Riesenfeld EP, Lundblad LK, Poynter ME, Rincon M, Kaminsky DA, Haverkamp HC, Knyazhitskiy A, Sadeghi A, Rinaldi LM, Wu M, Aimi S, Barone LM, Dixon AE, Pratley RE, Hyde DM, Forgione PM, Hamid Q, Bossé Y, Whittaker-leclair LA

Research Interests: Asthma, Patients, Lung, Mouse, Disease, Animal, Animal Models, Human, Inflammation, Muscle, Smooth Muscle, Understanding, Tree, Diseases, Lung Disease, Lung Diseases, Treatment, Oxygen, Animal Model, Animals