Iredale,John P

Institution: MRC/University of Edinburgh Centre for Inflammation Research, UK

Top Collaborators: Aucott RL, Hartland SN, Pellicoro A, Ramachandran P, Benyon RC, Collins J, Fallowfield JA, Snowdon VK, Vernon MA, Forbes SJ, Abergel A, Ali A, Trivedi P, Zhou X, Cappon A, Princivalle M, Waung J, Gordon-walker TT, Forbes S, Patel N

Research Interests: Fibrosis, Liver, Liver Fibrosis, Tissue, Carbon, Apoptosis, Cell, Human, Macrophage, Myofibroblast, Administration, Macrophages, Role, Growth, Hepatic Stellate Cell, Mouse, Cirrhosis, Mmps, Timp, Timp-1
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