Illei,G G

Institution: National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases National Institutes of Health, USA

Top Collaborators: Alevizos I, Zheng C, Chiorini JA, Shirota Y, Roescher N, Tak PP, Baum BJ, Tandon M, Yarboro C, Fischer R, Cotrim AP, Pham TH, Liu S, Lipsky P, Mccullagh L, Goldsmith CM, Nikolov NP, Turner RJ, Ippolito A, Patronas NJ

Research Interests: Diseases, Autoimmune Diseases, Patients, Syndrome, Biomarkers, Cells, Disease, Role, Saliva, Salivary Gland, Serum, Micrornas, Autoimmune Disease, Cytokines, Future, Inflammation, Salivary Glands, Cdna, Gene, Head