Institution: National Scientific and Technical Research Council-CONICET, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Top Collaborators: Manes F, Sigman M, Lopez V, Cardona JF, Sedeño L, Hurtado E, Couto B, Canales-johnson A, Baez S, Melloni M, Gelormini C, Salles A, Amoruso L, Schroeder J, Decety J, Huepe D, Sposato LA, Riccio PM, Dubuisson E, Zamorano L

Research Interests: Cognition, Emotion, Face, Research, Brain, Ability, Association, Semantic, Language, Role, Empathy, Theory Of Mind, Affects, Faces, Adults, Event-related Potentials, Individual Differences, Comprehension, Measures, Basal Ganglia