Hwang,Jung Jin

Institution: Institute for Innovative Cancer Research; University of Ulsan College of Medicine; Asan Medical Center, Korea

Top Collaborators: Chang YF, Chiang IT, Ke FC, Chuang HY, Lee MT, Chen CW, Lin WC, Wu LS, Lee SJ, Kim Y, Koh JY, Kuo YC, Jeong SY, Jin DH, Kuo HK, Jang SJ, Seol HS, Suh YA, Kim CS, Lai WA

Research Interests: Cells, Cell, Treatment, Inhibition, Human, Therapeutic, Cancer, Oxygen, Growth, Carcinoma, Tumor, Role, Gene, Apoptosis, Calcium, Follicle-stimulating Hormone, Hydrogen, L-cysteine, Superoxide, Patients