Hursting,Stephen D

Institution: Department of Nutritional Sciences University of Texas at Austin, USA

Top Collaborators: Lashinger LM, Otto G, Ford NA, Perkins SN, Conti CJ, Núñez NP, Wheatley KE, Donehower LA, Fuchs-young R, De Angel RE, Fischer SM, Harvey AE, Colby JK, Dunlap SM, Gimenez-conti IB, Brenner AJ, Degraffenried LA, Malone LM, Mcarthur MJ, Goldberg JA

Research Interests: Cancer, Growth, Obesity, Mice, Diet, Tumor, Risk, Breast, Breast Cancer, Cells, Insulin, Serum, Cell, Tumors, Leptin, Women, Inflammation, Body Weight, Diets, Igf-1