Hunter,Kent W

Institution: Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics, NCI, NIH, Room 5046, 37 Convent Drive, Bethesda, Maryland 20892-4264, USA

Top Collaborators: Walker RC, Crawford NP, Faraji F, Mattaini KR, Goldberger N, Hu Y, Alsarraj J, Geiger TR, Ozato K, Tracy CR, Yang H, Nieves Borges R, Andresson T, Yang L, Esposito D, Hsieh SM, Smithers N, Look MP, Kim CH, Lugo D

Research Interests: Tumor, Breast, Breast Cancer, Cancer, Gene, Metastasis, Cell, Tumors, Gene Expression, Genes, Mouse, Cells, RNA, Human, Populations, Ribosomal RNA, Role, Disease, Mice, Gene Expression Profiles