Hume,Joseph R

Institution: Univ. of Nevada School of Medicine, USA

Top Collaborators: Singer CA, Shen XM, Tian H, Ng LC, Airey JA, Keller PS, Valencik M, Ramduny D, French D, Xiong D, Heyman NS, Airey J, Zhang M, Rawat S, Ye L, Evans R, Burkin DJ, Mccloskey DT, Mccormack MD, Britton FC

Research Interests: Muscle, Muscle Cells, Smooth Muscle, Smooth Muscle Cells, Concentration, Fluorescence, Fura-2, Mouse, Nifedipine, PCR, Proteins, siRNA, Transient, Western Blot, Cells, RNA, Cardiac Hypertrophy, Cardiac Myocytes, Cell, Cell Volume