Huang,Q S

Institution: Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) Ltd., New Zealand

Top Collaborators: Hall RJ, Peacey M, Todd AK, Wang J, Rand CJ, Stanton JA, Hope V, Chan-hyams J, Ziki M, Gunn W, , Quirk A, Gauld NJ, Ducatez MF, Jennings LC, Sonnberg S, Frampton C, Lu HR, Ralston J, Gu MG

Research Interests: Influenza, Pandemic, Oseltamivir, Virus, Viruses, Time, Disease, Deuterium, Hydrogen, Lysostaphin, Enterovirus, Climate, Reports, Strain, Coinfection, Coinfections, H1n1 Viruses, Identification, PCR, Population