Institution: National Taiwan University Hospital and National Taiwan University College of Medicine, Taiwan

Top Collaborators: Chen SC, Guo YJ, Chang HC, Chueh SC, Pu YS, Yu HJ, Yang TK, Yang HJ, Lin WC, Wu KD, , Ho CH, Jia L, Chang TC, Zheng JJ, Jiang SM, Lin YH, Lee JK, Wang SM, Kuo KL

Research Interests: Carcinoma, Human, Urinary Tract, Agarose, Arsenic, Ribose, Prognosis, Stathmin, Tissues, Ethylene Glycol, Adenoma, Adrenalectomy, Aldosterone, Aldosteronism, Hypertension, Hypertrophy, Left Ventricular Hypertrophy, Autonomic Nervous System, Hyperthyroidism, Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms