Institution: Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Germany

Top Collaborators: Zanic M, Hyman AA, Anbarasan D, Gardner MK, Wildt DE, Ottinger MA, Stear JH, Liang X, Pelican KM, Madrid J, Pukazhenthi BS, Widlund PO, Varga V, Campion P, Leduc C, Bormuth V, Diez S, Albert JT, Tropini C, Bowne-anderson H

Research Interests: Microtubules, Microtubule, Proteins, Tubulin, Kinesin, Microscopy, Cellular Structures, Fluorescence, Cell, Acceleration, Cells, Cytoskeleton, Concentrations, Brain, Concentration, Dissociation, Organelles, Gdp, Growth, Tracks