Horne,Malcolm K

Institution: The University of Melbourne, Australia

Top Collaborators: Parish CL, Tomas D, Finkelstein DI, Boon WC, Forsythe JS, Nagley P, Tinsley RB, Lee J, Bye CR, Nisbet DR, Moses D, Kotschet K, Rubio JP, Modesto D, Kotschet KE, Shen W, Ng H, Cowie TF, Sui Y, Wang Y

Research Interests: Tyrosine, Cells, Disease, Dopamine, Neurons, Cell, Tissue, Inhibition, Tyrosine Hydroxylase, Engineering, Migration, Stem, Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering, Drugs, Substantia Nigra, Alpha-synuclein, Synuclein, Adult, Animals