Horne,Andrew W

Institution: The University of Edinburgh, UK

Top Collaborators: Critchley HO, Shaw JL, Brown JK, Entrican G, Lee KF, Duncan WC, Jabbour HN, Wheelhouse N, Mcdonald SE, Wills GS, Cartwright J, Horner PJ, Mcclure MO, Abrahams VM, Tong S, Lourenco PC, Young VJ, Oliver E, Saunders PT, Skubisz MM

Research Interests: Ectopic Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Women, Fallopian Tube, Human, Endometrium, Diagnosis, Serum, Risk, Immunohistochemistry, Embryo, Chlamydia, Chlamydia Trachomatis, Infection, Physiology, Smoking, Cells, Epithelium, Menstrual Cycle, Understanding