Hope,Bruce T

Institution: Intramural Research Program/National Institute on Drug Abuse/National Institutes of Health/Department of Health and Human Services, USA

Top Collaborators: Shaham Y, Koya E, Bossert JM, Fanous S, Golden SA, Guez-barber DH, Lupica CR, Goldart EM, Theberge FR, Schrama R, Berkow A, Marchant NJ, Marin MT, Liu QR, Cruz FC, Harvey BK, Cifani C, Hou X, Simmons DE, Navarre BM

Research Interests: Neurons, Rats, Cocaine, Associations, Behaviors, Cues, Drugs, Nucleus Accumbens, Injections, Transgenic Rats, Relapse, Administration, Environment, Behavior, Immunohistochemistry, Arc, Gene, Gene Expression, Genes, Immediate Early Genes