Institution: Far-East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Top Collaborators: Bokemeyer C, Fedorov SN, Stonik VA, Dyshlovoy SA, Shubina LK, Oechsle K, Balabanov S, Venz S, Jacobsen C, Walther R, Kollmannsberger C, Hauber J, Mayer F, Berger LA, Oing C, Kalinovsky AI, Naeth I, Preukschas M, Sievert H, Gesell Salazar M

Research Interests: Cell, Treatment, Cisplatin, Germ Cell, Patients, Apoptosis, Cells, Cancer, Carcinoma, Cell Line, Concentrations, Embryonal Carcinoma, Embryonal Carcinoma Cell, Human, Ic50, Proteins, Time, Epidermal Growth Factor, Phosphorylation, Compassionate Use