Institution: Institute of Solid State Physics-Semiconductor Epitaxy-University of Bremen, Germany

Top Collaborators: Kruse C, Schowalter M, Aschenbrenner T, Rosenauer A, Kunert G, Figge S, Kalden J, Sebald K, Gutowski J, Jahnke F, Höfling S, Meeser T, Forchel A, Freund W, Feneberg M, Voss T, Tischer I, Wiersig J, Fujan K, Gies C

Research Interests: Light, Quantum Dots, Nanorods, Electron, Semiconductor, Sapphire, X-ray, Electron Microscopy, Microscopy, Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy, Air, Devices, Efficiency, Quantum Dot, Temperature, Temperatures, Laser, Lasers, Measure