Holzemer,William L

Institution: University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Top Collaborators: Cuca Y, Wantland D, Greeff M, Chirwa M, Kohi TW, Naidoo J, Mullan J, Uys LR, Makoae L, Sefcik E, Dlamini P, Maryland M, Huang E, Corless IB, Kirksey KM, Nicholas PK, Arudo J, Nokes K, Rosa M, Brion J

Research Interests: Hiv, Time, Hiv Infection, Infection, Measures, Life, Behavior, Chronic Illness, Cohort Study, Questionnaires, Report, Literature, Quality Of Life, Aids, Control Groups, Empowerment, Evaluation, Evaluation Research, Health, Health Care