Institution: Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Canada

Top Collaborators: Thakor N, Lewis SM, Durie D, Liwak U, Graber TE, Jordan LE, Baird SD, Faye MD, Liu P, Kisilewicz M, Gorospe M, Cloutier M, Seckl M, Goulet I, Côte J, Von-holt SD, Xia X, Singh P, Hanson JE, Kao PN

Research Interests: Apoptosis, Ribosome, mRNA, Untranslated Region, Binding Protein, Proteins, RNA, Chromosome, Tumor, Regulation, Cell Lines, Inhibitor Of Apoptosis Protein, Serum, Utrs, Cell Survival, Genes, Phosphorylation, Cell Death, Death, Fibroblast Growth Factor