Hoh,Brian L

Institution: University of Florida, USA

Top Collaborators: Neal D, Mocco J, Lawson MF, Kim YW, Fargen KM, Rahman M, Fautheree GL, Chi YY, Mocco JD, Ogilvy CS, Zipfel GJ, Siddiqui AH, Reavey-cantwell JF, Kalani MY, Albuquerque F, Velat GJ, Newman WC, Pricola KL, Whiting JH, Weaver KJ

Research Interests: Patients, Aneurysms, Incidence, Risk, Aneurysm, Patient, Neurosurgery, Stent, Hemorrhage, Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, Stents, Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services, Health, Health Care, Healthcare, Healthcare Research, Hospital, Indicators, Inpatient, Medicaid