Hoffman,E A

Institution: University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, USA

Top Collaborators: Guo J, Fuld MK, Halaweish AF, Divekar AA, Hether TD, Vasilescu DM, Knudsen L, Ochs M, Weibel ER, Newell JD, Haynes SE, Mclennan G, Degner JF, Krauss B, Sieren JP, Judy PF, Lynch DA, Chan KS, Tawhai MH, Nash MP

Research Interests: Lung, Tomography, Disease, Human, Pressure, Blood, Perfusion, Time, Microsatellite, Population, X-ray, Xenon, Chest, Chest Wall, Diaphragm, Displacement, Dogs, Functional Residual Capacity, Gravity, Heart