Institution: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem-Hadassah Medical Center, Israel

Top Collaborators: Gilon C, Ovadia O, Haroutiunian S, Ratz Y, Horwitz E, Elgart A, Tal-gan Y, Temper V, Linde Y, Domb AJ, Shapiro M, Haskell-luevano C, Dirain ML, Sheynis T, Jelinek R, Kagan L, Greenberg S, Heitz R, Madar I, Mager DE

Research Interests: Administration, Permeability, Rats, Patients, Carbon, Diffusion, Intestine, Rat, Concentrations, Drugs, Evaluation, Plasma, Therapeutic, Membrane, Bioavailability, Cell, Reports, Cancer, Concentration, Cyclosporin A