Institution: Medical Center of University of Munich, Germany

Top Collaborators: Maboko L, Saathoff E, Ntinginya EN, Heinrich N, Geldmacher C, Reither K, Robb ML, Michael NL, Rachow A, Maganga L, Mestecky J, Zumla A, Wright PF, Lopalco L, Rojas-ponce G, Staats HF, Mtafya B, Hoffmann O, Kozlowski PA, Moldoveanu Z

Research Interests: Hiv, Tuberculosis, Virus, Diagnosis, Elisa, Evaluation, Hiv-1, Infection, Incidence, Infections, Human, Developing Countries, Sensitivity, Sensitivity And Specificity, Specificity, Urine, Disease, Disease Progression, Populations, Viral Load