Institution: Department of Radiology; Orthopaedic University Hospital of Balgrist, Switzerland

Top Collaborators: Pfirrmann CW, Buck FM, Peterson CK, Zanetti M, Grehn H, Hilbe M, Manzanell S, Saupe N, Buck F, Wels T, Nordmeyer-massner JA, Schwenke C, Wyss M, Weber U, Andreisek G, Maksymowych WP, Pruessmann KP, Jurik AG, Hoffmann A, Rufibach K

Research Interests: Magnetic, Magnetic Resonance, Pain, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Patients, Injections, Patient, Arthrography, Joints, Research, Spondylarthritis, Anatomy, Histology, Tendon, Proton, Rotator Cuff, Tendons, Diagnosis, Joint, Sternoclavicular Joint