Institution: Department of Radiology; Orthopaedic University Hospital of Balgrist, Switzerland

Top Collaborators: Pfirrmann CW, Buck FM, Peterson CK, Zanetti M, Grehn H, Hilbe M, Manzanell S, Saupe N, Buck F, Wyss M, Schwenke C, Weber U, Andreisek G, Maksymowych WP, Pruessmann KP, Jurik AG, Hoffmann A, Rufibach K, Mamisch-saupe N, Kissling RO

Research Interests: Magnetic, Magnetic Resonance, Pain, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Patients, Injections, Patient, Arthrography, Joints, Research, Spondylarthritis, Anatomy, Histology, Tendon, Proton, Rotator Cuff, Tendons, Diagnosis, Joint, Sternoclavicular Joint