Ho,Y P

Institution: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, USA

Top Collaborators: Liu ZM, Chen YM, Reddy PM, Chen CT, Chou YH, Du JK, Chou ST, Hu KF, Tsai CC, Wu YM, Stougaard M, Hsu WY, Hu JF, Wang LY, Huang YS, Shanker K, Chang PC, Rohini R, Knudsen BR, Ravinder V

Research Interests: Enzymes, Mass Spectrometry, Methods, Spectrometry, Electronic, Magnetic, Molar, Isoflavones, Soy Protein, Digestion, Laser, Microwave, Peptides, Proteins, Temperature, Time, Disease, Ampicillin, Aspergillus, Aspergillus Flavus