Hill,Richard P

Institution: and the Campbell Family Institute for Cancer Research, Canada

Top Collaborators: Jelveh S, Mahmood J, Zaidi A, Doctrow SR, Chaudary N, Lohse I, Yeung IW, Van Dyk J, Kaspler P, Calveley V, Marie-egyptienne DT, Wells PG, Para AE, Bhogal N, Bezjak A, Lindsay PE, Okunieff P, Bristow RG, Mujcic H, Pintilie M

Research Interests: Radiation, Lung, Hypoxia, Genistein, Injury, Treatment, Cancer, Metastasis, Tumor, Rats, Fibrosis, Pneumonitis, Cells, Tumors, DNA, DNA Damage, Cancers, Cervix, Gene, Gene Expression