Herrmann,F R

Institution: Angers University Hospital and University of Angers, France

Top Collaborators: Zekry D, Michel JP, Gold G, Krause KH, Loures Valle BH, Graf C, Kressig RW, Bridenbaugh S, Genet C, Assal F, Beauchet O, Annweiler C, Allali G, Perrenoud L, Berrut G, Ardigo S, Registe-rameau Y, Mhawech-fauceglia P, Irminger-finger I, Ali L

Research Interests: Adults, Gait, Health, Comorbidity, Lead, Accidental Falls, Aged, Aged, 80 And Over, Attention, Frail Older Adults, Health Status, History, Library, Medline, Odds Ratio, Prospective Studies, Reports, Retrospective Studies, Risk, Risk Assessment