Institution: Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, Research Unit of Experimental Cardiac Surgery, KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

Top Collaborators: Vanderper A, Flameng W, Oosterlinck W, Nevelsteen I, Van Der Mieren G, Janssens S, Van Den Bergh A, Carmeliet P, Wuytack F, Holvoet P, Dresselaers T, Geldhof V, Himmelreich U, Mubagwa K, Bult H, Vangheluwe P

Research Interests: Mouse, Syndrome, Mice, Reperfusion, Angiotensin, Heart, Inhibition, Injury, Ischemia, Patients, Bradykinin, Hypertrophy, Weight Reduction, Blood, Blood Glucose, Body Weight, Cardiac Output, Glucose, Injection, Pressure