Henson,Peter M

Institution: Division of Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care Medicine, Univ. of Colorado Denver, Research Bldg. 2, 12700 E. 19th Ave. Box C272, Aurora, CO 80045, USA

Top Collaborators: Janssen WJ, Bratton DL, Muldrow A, Kearns MT, Barthel L, Ghosh M, Crawford F, Hyde DM, Reynolds SD, Kappler JW, Xiong W, Xiao YQ, Thurman JM, Frasch SC, Riches DW, Boackle SA, Thomas SM, Plumb J, Lara AR, Vachon E

Research Interests: Cells, Lead, Injury, Cell, Inflammation, Tissue, Epithelial Cells, Research, Fibrosis, Disease, Lung, Macrophage, Macrophages, Mice, Neutrophil, Neutrophils, Autoimmunity, Breast, Breast Cancer, Cancer