Helzlsouer,Kathy J

Institution: The Prevention and Research Center; The Weinberg Center for Women's Health and Medicine, Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA

Top Collaborators: Gallicchio L, Macdonald R, Steplowski E, Hankinson SE, Calhoun C, Zheng W, Yu K, Clipp S, Zeleniuch-jacquotte A, Arslan AA, Patel AV, Wood B, Shu XO, Rushovich E, Allen NE, Buring JE, Mendelsohn JB, Tworoger SS, Fedarko NS, Brinton LA

Research Interests: Cancer, Risk, Breast, Breast Cancer, Associations, Concentrations, Women, Treatment, Time, Aromatase, Hormone, Logistic Regression, Regression, Estrogen, Pain, Association, Case-control Study, Confidence Interval, Nested Case-control Study, Odds Ratio