Institution: Institute of Molecular Immunology, Germany

Top Collaborators: Kremmer E, Hoefig KP, Rath N, Wolf C, Heinz GA, Dameris J, Schepers A, Ansel KM, Vogel KU, Neff F, Du L, Schick J, Repsilber D, Geerlof A, Wang X, Blum H, Wurst W, Heikenwälder M, Schmidt-supprian M, Edelmann SL

Research Interests: mRNA, Inducible Costimulator (icos), Proteins, RNA, Autoimmunity, Helper T Cells, Micrornas, Repression, RNA Helicase, Rna-induced Silencing Complex, T Cells, Untranslated Region, Cells, Histone, Inhibition, Mouse, Nucleotides, RNA Interference, S Phase, Stem
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