Hassoun,Heitham T

Institution: The Methodist Hospital and Research Institute, USA

Top Collaborators: White LE, Moore FA, Lie ML, Santora RJ, Chaudhary R, Moore LJ, Cui Y, Rabb H, Grigoryev DN, Nasir O, Smolock CJ, Blackmon S, Garami Z, Shelak CM, Park JM, Ko GJ

Research Interests: Injury, Kidney, Lung, Acute Kidney Injury, Renal Replacement Therapy, Ischemia, Ischemia-reperfusion Injury, Reperfusion, Reperfusion Injury, Apoptosis, Mortality, Cell, Mice, Tnfr1, Acute Lung Injury, Lead, Lung Injury, Patients, Inflammation, Multiple Organ Failure