Institution: Iranian Mineral Processing Research Center, Ministry of Industry and Mineral, Karaj, Iran

Top Collaborators: Moran J, Hall WW, Waters A, Connell J, Shamsipur M, Schaffer K, Hall W, Duffy M, Mccormick AP, Carr MJ, Moss E, Dean J, Jin L, Coughlan S, Carr M, Karbasi MH, Boyle S, Jahanparast B, Riordan M, Awan A

Research Interests: Water, Infection, Patients, Cell, Disease, Gene, Genotype, Organ Transplant, Transplant, Methanol, Virus, Aluminon, Aurin Tricarboxylic Acid, Concentration, Elements, Ions, PH, Plasma, Spectrometry, Trace Elements